January 4, 2014

Well I’m Back

France Telecom are  pretty awful but possibly the best of a bad lot, The wind blew my telephone line down on the 23rd of December, with all my food photos and countdown to Christmas posts on FaceBook it couldn’t have happened at a worse time, FT told me I would be reconnected on the 2nd, I called them back up nearly begging them to try to be quicker and I was told I had been given priority, come the 3rd I was still not re-connected, another call and they told me as they were expecting more high winds they would wait till the 10th!!! They have given me a 3G key so I have some connection now, not perfect but at least I can now post. I still have the Silicon mold give away prize to announce, I’ve postponed the diet food till the end of January, I’ve started the cooking, done some photos but as I have other food to post from the Christmas period I want to get that on the site first. I will start the diet on the first of February.

So to come my new video, From Tom Kerridge’s book, Proper Pub Grub, the most delicious baked beans you will ever try. Be up on here and Face Book on Tuesday, but I’m still struggling to upload photos.


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