November 19, 2013

My most important…

My most important... kitchen kit  My name is Roz but lots call me Rosie.  Welcome to Rosies Home Kitchen.  I moved from the UK to France in 2005, gave up my business and with my husband, Paul, and two sons converted a small cottage in rural Brittany to our home   Half Acre Farm.  It was here after years of ready meals and take aways in the UK I realised that I could cook. Paul also learned he could grow vegetables and plant fruit trees; we also keep our own poultry for meat and eggs. Shortly after finishing the work on our house we was featured in a magazine called Breton and since then Ive been featured in a few magazines for my food.  My two sons now have their own families but live near by and Im now the proud grandmother of two little boys. Both of my daughter in laws are both great cooks.  My cooking is home cooking, but often with a French twist, my videos are not there to impress but inspire, So many people say that they cant cook, but we all can, you just got to give it a go.I remember being asked what was my most important kitchen gadget…

Easy answer!

The one piece of kit that is used everyday.

Indeed the day can’t start without it,

My Senseo Coffee machine which, unlike other makes of coffee machine, you can buy different coffees from different producers.

Because they are a coffee bag they are a lot more economical as you can take advantage of coffee promotions and not have to stick with the a machine makers expensive product.

A good example of the Senseo Coffee Machine can be seen here.


expensive product.


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  1. Ian Mitchell

    I have a Nespresso, a Magimix and a 3rd expresso – just in case!

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