September 18, 2014

Charles Jacobs Food Dehydrator with Thermostat in White – 24 Month 5STAR Warranty

Dehydrating food opens a whole new dimension in preserving fruits, vegetables and meats.

This amazing Charles Jacobs Food Dehydrator with adjustable trays will be able to perfectly capture the freshly-picked, in-season flavour and nutrition of almost any food. Dried foods are easier to store compared to non-dried products as they take up much less storage space and are less likely to spoil. They also weigh less, which makes them perfect for taking on camping or backpacking trips. Dried fruit snacks are both delicious and nutritious, so what better way than to make your own? Ingredients for your favourite recipes can be dried and stored which make great last-minute meals, ready to cook for your convenience.

Easy to use and so convenient, simply prepare the food and place on the trays. The heat which flows through will dry away moisture while locking in flavour. This food dehydrator comes with 5 rotatable, removable trays.